What is the Ontario Inclusive Innovation (I2) Action Strategy?

The Ontario Inclusive Innovation (I2) Action Strategy provides an evidence informed approach to create the most inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem in the world.
The project undertook three interrelated activity streams that ACT, PROMOTE, and INCLUDE diverse women entrepreneurs.

Diversity assessment of Ontario’s innovation ecosystem. A gender-based analysis (GBA+) of mainstream and women-focused enterprise support organizations, guided by the Diversity Institute’s ‘Diversity Assessment Tool’, analyzed diversity across the provincial value chain. This work included 25 onsite interviews with leaders of mainstream innovation and social enterprise centres, campus-linked accelerators, and women-focused Ontario-based enterprise support organizations and networks.

Knowledge sharing to advance inclusive and gender-sensitive enterprise support services and related resources. Five regional workshops facilitated active sharing of knowledge and resources between the Project Management Team and both women-focused and mainstream support organizations, to advance inclusive and gender-sensitive enterprise support services.

Collaboration among intermediaries and networks, mentors, coaches, etc. To share insights a  research findings, including more nuanced understanding of the features of gender-sensitive programs, training and curricula, the project will culminate with the i2 conference on June 13, 2019 in Ottawa. 

The conference will enhance development of social capital and relationships among ecosystem stakeholders through facilitated collaboration/networking among mainstream and women-focused organizations.

Results will include:

  • Gender-based analysis plus (GBA+) of mainstream and women-focused enterprise support organizations;
  • Incremental enterprise support for growth-oriented Ontario women entrepreneurs;
  • Gender, entrepreneurship and diversity training for executives, staff, and consultants;
  • Outreach to industry stakeholders reached through social media
  • An alumni network of transformative change leaders.