Ontario Inclusive Innovation (i2) Action Strategy

Entrepreneurship is a key driver of the Canadian economy. But women entrepreneurs are under-represented and less likely to receive support.

Research has shown that biases embedded throughout the innovation ecosystem, in funding, in supports, and in the stereotypes that shape our assumptions, present barriers to women entrepreneurs.

Inclusive Innovation (i2) is an evidence-based, action-oriented strategy to advance women in entrepreneurship and make Ontario the most inclusive innovation ecosystem in the world.

Drawing on statistical evidence about gender difference in entrepreneurship, i2 provides an in-depth examination of incubators and accelerators in Ontario combined with a survey of major players in the Ontario innovation ecosystem to better understand the barriers as well as the opportunities.

Led by Telfer Centre for Executive Leadership at the University of Ottawa, the project was undertaken in collaboration with Ryerson University’s Diversity Institute. The project team includes Dr. Barbara Orser, Dr. Catharine Elliot and Dr. Wendy Cukier.